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Published on January 3rd, 2011 | by Heather


Dyson’s DC23: Tiny But Strong

If you haven’t no­ticed, this is a week of suck­ing. In the good way- yes­ter­day, we checked out a leaf blow­er and vac­u­um, and ear­li­er this week we re­viewed a high-end vac­u­um. Now we move on to an­oth­er con­tender- theDyson DC23 Tur­bine­head Can­is­ter vac­u­um, which looks more in­ter­galac­tic ex­plor­er than house­hold clean­er.

Out of the box, we ap­pre­ci­at­ed the de­tails- and not just the over­all in­dus­tri­al de­sign that Dyson is just­ly fa­mous for. The re­tractable cord that self-winds, easy to find pow­er but­ton and most im­por­tant­ly, a vac­u­um clean­er that was easy to use. The han­dle piv­ots and we ac­tu­al­ly felt com­fort­able uti­liz­ing this in­stead of lug­ging it around half-dazed by weight and noise. The hose was cen­tral­ly lo­cat­ed, if a lit­tle awk­ward as it comes off the unit clock­wise.

The most im­por­tant part is how it ac­tu­al­ly per­formed. The DC23 did a su­perb job of vac­u­um­ing. We couldn’t com­plain about the suc­tion and were on­ly sick­ened by the amount of dirt and de­bris ac­quired from our sub-par clean­ing stan­dards. The HEPA fil­ter fea­tures a Bac­ti­safe screen that traps and kills those dis­gust­ing par­ti­cles of bac­te­ria and mold. The DC23 is ac­tu­al­ly cer­ti­fied asth­ma and al­ler­gy friend­ly by the Asth­ma and Al­ler­gy Foun­da­tion of Amer­i­ca.

Cat and dog hair name­ly were pulled up eas­i­ly along with more dust­balls than we’d like to ad­mit hav­ing. As a can­is­ter vac­u­um, it can ma­neu­ver in­to tight cor­ners and small­er spaces and, ad­mit­ted­ly, our pad need­ed this kind of deep clean­ing. Luck­i­ly our place has a mix­ture of hard­wood, thin car­pet, and some kitchen tile and there are two set­tings on the unit it­self for both car­pet­ed and non-car­pet­ed sur­faces. It comes with a stair tool for fo­cus­ing on dust and dirt from stairs which was use­ful as we have quite a few steps and dust tends to pop­u­late in those crevices. A brush tool and air­flow crevice tool com­plete the set and are rec­om­mend­ed for cob­webs, base boards, and even pic­ture frames. We used the Tur­bine­Head brush bar for short and medi­um pile car­pet but it should be not­ed that we have read that the Dyson D23 Mo­tor­head is more ap­pro­pri­ate if you do have main­ly car­pet in your place.

If you are look­ing for a stel­lar hand­held vac­u­um in­stead, look no fur­ther than the Dyson DC31. It has a du­al-pow­er mode that al­lows for 10 min­utes of high con­stant suc­tion or 6 min­utes with 70% high­er suc­tion. Per­fect for quick jobs or small ar­eas. We loved that it was bag­less and had a wash­able fil­ter.

Our on­ly com­plaint is we wish the can­is­ter could have been a lit­tle bit big­ger. True, maybe that means we need to vac­u­um more so it wouldn’t fill so quick­ly, but we’re just say­ing. The bag­less fil­ter is easy enough to emp­ty and we def­i­nite­ly pre­fer the no-bag ap­proach, when it’s easy to clean and con­ve­nient to re­move and re­place the can­is­ter.

Now for stor­age. The Tele­scop­ic Wrap Sys­tem was de­signed so we could com­press the hose/wand and with no wires get­ting tan­gled, we found enough clos­et space for it to hide it. Though we must ad­mit, af­ter what came out of the car­pet to­day, the DC23 won’t be in hid­ing for long. The at­tach­ments fit a bit loose­ly on the unit, kind of stick­ing out and mar­ring it’s sleek good looks a bit. It’s def­i­nite­ly a bit pricey- but cheap­er over time than a bag vac­u­um. In terms of a com­par­i­son against our oth­er re­cent con­tender, they are ac­tu­al­ly dif­fer­ent in a few key ways- the DC23 is much small­er and eas­i­er to move around, per­fect for the city dweller. But the LG did of­fer slight­ly eas­i­er op­er­a­tion over larg­er spaces, as it could sweep wide­ly and of­fer a bit more pow­er at a slight­ly low­er price.

The DC23 comes with a 5 year war­ran­ty and is avail­able on Ama­zon for $360.

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