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Published on January 3rd, 2011 | by Heather


AeroBed Makes Rest for the Weary

The worst part of be­ing a guest in a friend’s apart­ment is the fear of sleep­ing on a cold, hard, floor with min­i­mal blan­kets and thus sleep­ing poor­ly. I re­mem­ber the many slum­ber par­ties I at­tend­ed that seemed harm­less enough; just enough sweets to put me in a sug­ar-in­duced co­ma. But af­ter watch­ing Six­teen Can­dles for the umpteenth time, try­ing to fall asleep in my Beau­ty & the Beast sleep­ing bag in some­one’s damp base­ment doesn’t work so well. It’s even worse when you hit your mid-twen­ties- but with the hol­i­day sea­son ap­proach­ing and con­sid­er­ing the scores of like­ly vis­i­tors, it was time to find an an­swer. In­flat­a­bles solve some of these is­sues- bet­ter than a cot or sleep­ing bag- but they of­ten re­quire painful in­flat­ing and de­flat­ing, and usu­al­ly don’t ap­prox­i­mate a nor­mal mat­tress.

That is why, af­ter procur­ing an Aer­oBed to use for a week of sleep I was hes­i­tant. Could I re­al­ly trade my de­cent night’s rest on mem­o­ry foam for an in­flat­able ma­tress? Giv­ing up beau­ty sleep can be trag­ic when you need it. Luck­i­ly, the queen size Aer­oBed Pre­mier Cush­ioned Com­fort Bed was about as good as in­flat­able beds are ev­er go­ing to get.

Get­ting the Aer­oBed set up was a lot sim­pler than in­flat­able beds we’ve used in the past. It fea­tures Smart Pump Tech­nol­o­gy, which has an au­to­mat­ic shut off when the bed is ful­ly in­flat­ed. You al­so have the op­tion of choos­ing your firm­ness, a fun op­tion- though we will point out that this bed does not choose sides, you have to de­cide for the en­tire bed. If your part­ner and you strug­gle with that, per­haps it is time to get rid of them and in­vest in a dog which will be hap­py sleep­ing on such a sur­face and less main­te­nance. On sec­ond thought, pets and in­flat­a­bles gen­er­al­ly don’t mix well, but this one was stur­dy enough to last.

The de­sign can fit ex­tra deep sheets as well so that tells you how plush the mat­tress was. For those of you al­ler­gic to pret­ty much ev­ery­thing in the uni­verse, the mat­tress is made of non-al­ler­genic PVC vinyl. It takes around 60 sec­onds to in­flate, and does make a fair bit of noise so it’s best to do it be­fore ev­ery­one else is asleep. I watched in awe as the bed went from a pile of PVC vinyl to a full grown queen size bed- it was like watch­ing the pump­kin grow in Cin­derel­la.

Of course, any bed is on­ly as good as the sleep you get, and can de­pend on plen­ty of oth­er fac­tors as well. The re­in­forced bed con­struc­tion made sure the sur­face didn’t sag in the mid­dle like so many in­flat­a­bles tend to do af­ter sleep­ing on them. And we did find it quite com­fort­able, es­pe­cial­ly af­ter some tweak­ing of the ad­justable firm­ness.

The quick air re­lease made de­flat­ing the bed just as sim­ple as set­up, and we were pro­vid­ed with an over­sized car­ry bag to store it in. We were able to sim­ply roll it up and put the car­ry bag in a clos­et. Now for invit­ing those guests over…

We were able to pur­chase the Aer­oBed Pre­mier Cush­ioned Com­fort Bed from Ama­zon for around $255 or a twin mat­tress is al­so avail­able for about $150. Three year lim­it­ed war­ran­ty, avail­able wide­ly.

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