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Published on July 20th, 2012 | by Kira


Honeywell, Febreze Bring Us Fresher Air

Al­ler­gy sea­son may be near­ly over, but there is no rea­son to not have an apart­ment that smells fresh and of­fers pu­ri­fied air. While I love New York City, this place is def­i­nite­ly a bit pol­lut­ed, no mat­ter the time of year. Many Amer­i­cans pre­fer pu­ri­fied wa­ter with at-home so­lu­tions, but many apart­ments do not yet make much ef­fort at clean­ing the air. Plus, it doesn’t on­ly help your lungs, but al­so your skin.

One great way to go about this is to in­vest in the Hon­ey­well HEP­A­Clean Tow­er Air Pu­ri­fi­er (HPA-150) and/or theHon­ey­well HY-204 Febreze Fresh­ness Cool & Re­fresh Fan. The Hon­ey­well HEP­A­Clean Tow­er Air Pu­ri­fi­er is a per­fect size to be a cor­ner unit in a medi­um-sized room. Its HEPA fil­ter is said to cap­ture up to 99.97% of 0.3 mi­crons or larg­er mi­cro­scop­ic al­ler­gens. The pu­ri­fi­er has three clean­ing lev­els and an elec­tron­ic fil­ter mon­i­tor to help you find the right bal­ance for your home. The high­er the clean­ing lev­el, the loud­er the ma­chine, which can ac­tu­al­ly be a ben­e­fit if you like to sleep with some white noise, like I do. It cir­cu­lates the rooms air up to five times an hour and the car­bon pre-fil­ter helps re­duce odors. I found hav­ing this in my apart­ment helped re­duce my cat dan­der mak­ing my apart­ment more pleas­ant for the many peo­ple in my life who suf­fer from slight al­ler­gic re­ac­tions to my cat.

In ad­di­tion to hav­ing the pu­ri­fi­er, you can get the Hon­ey­well and Febreze Fresh­ness Cool & Re­fresh Fan.  It’s a much small­er unit, and aimed more at of­fer­ing a nice way to fresh­en up a space. This two speed qui­et os­cil­lat­ing fan does a nice job of cool­ing small­er rooms (like kitchens, bath­rooms, and bed­rooms) and has the added neat fea­ture of an ad­justable odor con­trol that fits any Febreze re­fill car­tridge (lasts up to 30 days, re­fills avail­able wide­ly in sev­er­al scents but do add up over time). The odor is pret­ty mild, es­pe­cial­ly when you have it set on a low­er set­ting.

Be­tween these two prod­ucts, I am more in­ter­est­ed in ac­tu­al­ly pu­ri­fy­ing my air than just mov­ing it around and hid­ing any neg­a­tive odor with an air fresh­en­er, but with high­er ex­pec­ta­tions comes high­er prices. You can find theHon­ey­well HEP­A­Clean Tow­er Air Pu­ri­fi­er for $135, while the Febreze Fresh­ness Cool & Re­fresh Fan is on­ly $30. Since I have a stu­dio apart­ment, I like the idea of putting the pu­ri­fi­er in my bed­room/main room, and the fan in the bath­room or the kitchen.

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