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Published on June 13th, 2012 | by Sarah


Pillo1: A Post-Modern Pillow

New York City- the city that nev­er sleeps- and boy do I be­lieve that! Since mov­ing here I find my­self sleep­ing less and less, and of­ten find­ing my­self go­ing to bed as late as 5 AM. As any­one with sleep­ing prob­lems knows, this can wear on a per­son very quick­ly. Sleep is just one of those es­sen­tial things that us New York­ers of­ten ne­glect.

One way to help your sleep with­out putting any ma­jor work in­to it or chang­ing your life pat­terns is to make sure your bed is as com­fort­able as it can be. I re­cent­ly start­ed work­ing on this by pur­chas­ing a new bed, mat­tress, and sheets. The on­ly thing I was lack­ing was the per­fect pil­low. That’s about when I was of­fered to try out the Pil­lo1.

The Pil­lo1 is a pil­low de­vel­oped by Dr. Ray­mond Hall with the pur­pose of pro­vid­ing com­fort, sup­port, and adapt­ing to all sleep­ing po­si­tions. Dr. Hall, a chi­ro­prac­tor, has worked with a num­ber of pa­tients from pro ath­letes to celebri­ties, and de­ter­mined that many aches and pains are a re­sult of poor sleep­ing pos­ture. This led him to con­clude that the most com­mon cause for this pain had to be the pil­low they were us­ing. Er­go, the in­ven­tion of the Pil­lo1.

It’s in­tim­i­dat­ing at first- a pil­low with a man­u­al and a gi­ant box, made from hy­poal­ler­genic soy-based la­tex foam, and over­sized (you will prob­a­bly need a king sized pil­low case, you’ll have trou­ble get­ting two of these on a full size bed). And while it might look like some­thing your grand­moth­er would own, it’s ac­tu­al­ly very com­fort­able. The de­sign has a cut out for your head and shoul­ders. You are sup­posed to sleep with your head in the groove if you are on your back, and side sleep­ers are in­tend­ed to use the sides of the pil­low (with your shoul­der fit­ting in­to the shoul­der cut out). The idea is that on­ly your neck should be sup­port­ed while you are sleep­ing, let­ting it fall in­to its nat­u­ral C curve. I have to say, my neck has been both­er­ing me late­ly, and a few nights with this pil­low did help. So, Dr. Hall might be on­to some­thing here.

It is very im­por­tant that you get the cor­rect size Pil­lo1. They come in dif­fer­ent sizes de­pend­ing on your height and if you do not get the cor­rect size for your body, then when you move from your back po­si­tion to you side po­si­tion (or visa ver­sa) there is a chance you might fall in­to the in be­tween area, which is not very com­fort­able for your neck. Fi­nal­ly, if you are a stom­ach sleep­er, like my­self, this pil­low does not re­al­ly of­fer any­thing dif­fer­ent than a nor­mal pil­low of­fers.

Can you re­al­ly put a price tag on not hav­ing neck pain and get­ting prop­er sleep? I do not think you should. But if you do, you might take pause when look­ing at the cost of the Pil­lo1. At $200 and avail­able on­line, it is about dou­ble the price of some good or­tho­pe­dic pil­lows.

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