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Published on January 28th, 2011 | by Gbemiga


Air-O-Swiss 2055A: A Breath of Fresh Air

For those who have lived or worked in rooms, hous­es, of­fices dur­ing dry sea­sons or have al­ler­gies and de­sire bet­ter air qual­i­ty, the Air-O-Swiss 2055A Au­to­mat­ic Air Wash­er is lit­er­al­ly a breath of fresh air in a crowd­ed mar­ket. We’ve pre­vi­ous­ly test­ed, and en­joyed, the 2055D- a sim­i­lar, if more ex­pen­sive mod­el. The main dif­fer­ence is the in­clu­sion of a dig­i­tal read­out on the 2055D, and the slight­ly loud­er and more pow­er­ful fans that up the sug­gest­ed room size from 600 to 750. If you have a larg­er space, go with the D… small­er apart­ments should like­ly go with the A.

We will start with what was our fa­vorite fea­ture of the Air Wash­er. If you have ev­er had the mis­for­tune of turn­ing on a hu­mid­i­fi­er and then notic­ing some time lat­er that there is a light but no­tice­able film of gunk that coats your TV or Mon­i­tor, your ta­bles, books, ba­si­cal­ly al­most any sur­face, you will be very pleased with the Air Wash­er. Be­cause it hu­mid­i­fies a room by evap­o­ra­tion, there is no gunk, film or buildup on your sur­faces. Al­so be­cause it hu­mid­i­fies by evap­o­rat­ing there is no need to have to buy dem­iner­al­iza­tion car­tridges.

The Air Wash­er has a pre-ion­iz­er that gives par­ti­cles a neg­a­tive charge as they en­ter the Air Wash­er, al­low­ing them to at­tach to dust, pollen and cer­tain odors and to form clus­ters which cling to the Air Wash­er’s disc. They are then re­moved as the discs turn through the wa­ter, there­by al­low­ing the Air Wash­er to, um, wash the air! This pro­cess al­lows for the wash­ing and hu­mid­i­fi­ca­tion of rooms of up to 600 square feet, as men­tioned pre­vi­ous­ly.

The Air Wash­er comes with an an­ti-mi­cro­bial sys­tem (the Ion­ic Sil­ver stick) that lasts for up to a year of con­tin­u­al use. This is es­pe­cial­ly good when the de­vice will not be used for some time but the wa­ter tank will still con­tain some wa­ter. The de­vice is easy to clean and op­er­ate- just re­move and wash the disc, wipe out the tank and you’re ready to go. It is made with fair­ly high qual­i­ty ma­te­ri­als, mak­ing this mod­el one of the qui­etest unit in its class.

One nice bonus: the fra­grance con­tain­er which al­lowed us to make our of­fice smell like any­thing we want­ed it to smell like. We al­so liked that there were no fil­ter to change, one of the worst and most an­noy­ing parts of many such sys­tems- the hu­mid­i­fy­ing discs took care of all that. It is al­so en­er­gy ef­fi­cient, us­ing on­ly 20W, which won’t add much to your elec­tric­i­ty bills.

Our main dis­like with the Air Wash­er was that al­though it cools (due to the evap­o­ra­tion) which is good for a hot room, it doesn’t heat. So it’s not meant for a cold en­vi­ron­ment. De­spite this flaw we think the Air Wash­er is a small mir­a­cle in the hu­mid­i­fi­er range and be­lieve you will love as much as we have. The Air Wash­er is avail­able on Ama­zon for $329.99, and a good deal for those in need of clean­er air, with some hu­mid­i­fi­ca­tion, and that is fair­ly qui­et.


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