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Published on April 27th, 2010 | by Greg


Spread the Warmth Around With the Vornado TVH 600 Space Heater

Though the potential to move to a warmer climate is enticing, for those of us who live in slightly chillier climates or in fact, live through winter months of snow and blizzard conditions, hope comes in the form of warmth. And we aren’t talking about sharing sleeping bags with random strangers or canoodling with an Eskimo wearing sherpa-fleece.

The Vornado TVH 600 Space Heater is an energy-efficient and brilliant heater. Using advanced technology, the air is constantly being heated and re-circulated which results in an even room temperature. The thermostatic remote control of the TVH 600 can be placed in any room and works by sensing the heat around it. It then relays the temperature reading to the heater to monitor and maintain a more precise room temp.

We were warmed by the fact that it did indeed keep a more accurate room temperature. A pet peeve of most space heaters is only feeling heat directly around the space heater while the rest of the room is filled with cold air. This heater provided a more stable and controlled environment, in part because it disbursed the air very well. Vornado is also known for its high-quality fans, so it’s not surprising that they applied their superior understanding of air flow to their heating products as well. However, we would note that we tried it in a small 640 square foot apartment and much larger spaces might quickly reach the limits of this machine. A space heater can only do so much.

The digital touch screen control panel allowed us to easily pick and choose our heater settings. It comes equipped with automatic climate control which eliminates the hot and cold cycles while using less energy to maintain your designated temperature.

We were pleased that a remote came with it so it could be stored on our nightstand and we could easily turn it on (or off) during the night. The remote allowed us to digitally read our temperature so we could go up or down in temp by pushing a button. Unfortunately, not all information was available on the remote. The display shows you the current temperature but not the temperature that you’ve set the thermostat to. The other downside was a rather small and inconsistent radius. Sometimes the remote worked just fine, sometimes we had to climb out of bed and switch it on ourselves.

Though it has a low, high, or fan-only setting, our only wish is that we could choose a speed. We were impressed with the quietness of this particular model as some space heaters come complete with a loud motor. We slept like babies (albeit warm and cozy babies) with the heater running.

The Vornado does not disappoint on the safety features and includes automatic tip-over protection, a non-glowing heat element, a cool touch cabinet, and tight grill spirals to keep your little ones tiny hands out of harms way. This can ease your insecurities about the old school heaters that would undoubtedly fall over at the littlest outtake of breath.

We would like to note that while our machine functioned beautifully, we have found a few people online complaining of build quality. We’re hoping that our recent acquisition from them is representative that they’ve gotten all the kinks in production worked out.

The unit was lightweight and could easily be stored in a closet during non-use, even in a tiny apartment. We found it online directly from the manufacturer or from Amazon where it is being sold for about $150, making it a worthwhile buy.

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