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Published on January 4th, 2013 | by Kira


Parker’s 5th Technology: A Classy Hybrid Pen

The holidays are over and it is a brand new year. This means one thing: starting things off on the right note! To some of us, that means a resolution to keep it classy. You might have received (or gifted yourself with) a new suit, bag, or notebook over the holidays, but want to complete the look. And nothing adds a bit of class like a fine writing instrument.

Signing business documents? Or writing in your journal? Notes are always better with a fancy pen, and boy do we have a pen, suitable for the collector but usable in everyday life! The Parker Ingenuity Large Daring Black Rubber and Metal Chrome Trim (CT) 5th Technology Mode Pen is quite the mouth full, but is a pretty unique item. We will abbreviate it just to the 5th Technology Pen, or 5T, for ease. This pen takes the best of two worlds: felt tipped pens and fountain pens, and puts them together. Mine you, if you are a fountain pen purist, you should read no further as this pen is not for you. I am a huge fan of fountain pens, but they certainly are not ideal for my day to day use. Their hassle is part and parcel of their charm: they require refills, can make a mess, and the ink bleeds through most paper. However, they are a thrill to write with, and are very pretty, both the nib and pens themselves as well as how they make your penmanship look.

The 5th Technology takes all this into consideration to produce a pretty cool pen. At first glance, it looks like a fountain pen, but the tip is mostly for looks. Apparently, it also directs you into an ideal writing angle so that the actual pen tip “learns” your writing style. The tip may seem scratchy at first- we found it a little annoying to use initially- but once you have broken it in, you will be happily smoothly scripting away. The ink output will not be as creative as a fountain pen, but I found it decent, better than ball-points and superior to most gels. The pen comes with cartridges filled with pretty standard black ink. While it might not be as artistic, it will not smudge or bleed through you paper like a fountain pen.

Like most collectible high-end pens, this one is a beauty. Parker makes some lovely writing instruments, and this one certainly holds up, with a black and silver finish that feels fairly well-balanced and looks sleek, old-school hiding a fairly futuristic technology inside. It might not revolutionize the industry, but we like an innovation, even if it isn’t one that pen collectors will rejoice at. The Parker 5T comes with suitable price, running around $165, making a great gift to start out your classy 2013 in just the right way.

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