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Published on January 9th, 2014 | by Rita


Dublin Dog: Luxury for Fido, Odor Free for You

Here at Truly Net we have several four-legged testers, and they definitely do not want for goodies and fun things to try out. Resident canine tester Nai’a has taken to the mountains of Hawai’i to test the Singletrack Dog Pack. We’ve seen Morgaine and Fiona give the Petmate Cat Carrier a run for its money, and conduct their business in style with a cat box that looks more like furniture than anything else. This time around, Nai’a and her new co-reviewer Lola have put in countless hours testing out the Dublin Dog Slumber Sofa. They would love for all of you to believe that it was grueling work, and probably should be rewarded with a cookie or bone.

The Slumber Sofa is a dog bed that looks much like a small couch. We tested out the large bed, where one 60 lb. dog can stretch out fully, or two 60 lb. dogs can curl up next to each other quite comfortably. The bed comes in three sizes, medium (24″ x 42″), large (28″x48″) and x-large (36″x54″), as well as three pleasantly neutral color combinations. While probably not perfectly suited for a very small apartment, we’ve found that the slumber sofa can be moved around the living room with ease, and can be tucked away pretty easily if we need the additional floor space. Our sofa is the storm gray and silver piping, which hides dog fur surprisingly well; our guess is that the chocolate brown/tan piping and silver fern/charcoal piping do equally well.

Even better than no visible fur  is the ScentLok™ charcoal filter system that is integrated inside the bed. Both dogs have been using the bed daily for a month now, and there isn’t even a whiff of wet dog in our house, despite daily trips to the beach and frequent walks in short rain showers that are very common here in Hawai’i. In the event of a accident the cover can be unzipped and removed from the bed, to be laundered and dried with no hassle or special instructions. Our slumber sofa is nice and soft, plump with a recycled polyfil stuffing, which hasn’t been squashed down even after hundreds of hours of use. Nai’a, the older of the two dogs, really seems to like the raised edge that lines the sides and back; it allows her to lay comfortably, and still keep a watchful eye on what is going on outside her house through a large sliding glass door nearby.

Dublin Dog is definitely more than just dog beds: they have a great selection of collars, leashes, travel water/food dishes, and toys. The Slumber Sofa runs between $179 and $269 based on size, and there is an option for custom embroidery on the bed as well (if you want to include your pet’s name).  If you’ve had problems in the past with persistent dog odor or dog beds that can’t be thrown in the wash, this is a wonderful dog bed option. Your dog and  your nose will both thank you!


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