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Published on January 16th, 2014 | by isabella


AeroGarden Ultra: Home Hydroponics, Easier Than Ever

Wintertime in any concrete metropolis can leave you in want for something green. Whether it is foliage to add a little Feng Shui to your single-window studio apartment, or herbs for your Sunday night roast chicken, the AeroGarden ULTRA certainly delivers on time. The AeroGarden ULTRA is an LED light-powered garden system that promises to yield herbs, lettuces, peppers, vegetables and even flowers in just 4-6 weeks, thanks to its NASA-proven growing technology.

We even think you could plant larger fruits such as watermelons in the AeroGarden ULTRA, which would give them an initial booster in the carefully monitored growing environment, before transferring them to a garden. If patience is not your strongest quality, then the AeroGarden ULTRA certainly delivers. Ten times faster than regular soil, the AeroGarden ULTRA is the largest and most powerful version of the AeroGarden to date, and is a step up in terms of technology and capacity when compared to earlier versions. We’ve seen several- the first of them almost eight years ago, and a pair of other models in the intervening time, each of which improved on the original formula.

The AeroGarden ULTRA is certainly fast and easier to use, and quieter than some previous models too. You don’t need a yard or even any experience to have a fair chance of growing tomatoes in their living room in just a matter of weeks. However, like any garden, you also will have a few bugs and the responsibility of topping up water every few days. While the AeroGarden ULTRA is soil-less and operates via the MyPanel, a centralised control system that manages all growing functions, the system’s LED lights – crucial to a flourishing harvest– start at $34.95 for a pack of three, and have a lifespan of around six months.

The AeroGarden ULTRA is not for serious gardeners. Instead we recommend it to those who like to have fresh herbs and maybe a few tomatoes at home, but may not have the space or time to look after a real garden- it’s perfect for the Manhattanite with a small apartment and a not-so-green thumb. Retailing for $229.95, the AeroGarden ULTRA is available now online and in stores. AeroGarden seed kits start at $12.95 a pop as well, so you can re-plant and rotate your harvests pretty quickly with minimal additional investment.

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