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Published on March 1st, 2014 | by Celina


Foreo Luna and the Secret of Clear, Enviable Skin

What’s her secret?
It’s a question most women ask themselves at one point: most likely gazing enviously at another woman’s pristine complexion across the train car. Because the battle against aging now starts in one’s 20s. Every face cream, cleanser and serum now has anti-oxidant benefits and guarantees beautiful, flawless skin. But with so many skin care products promising results, what really works and what doesn’t? And when the only thing you want to achieve is flawlessly clear and clean skin, it can get frustrating and extremely expensive to try every product on the market.

The Foreo Luna is a skin-cleansing tool that helps fight signs of aging as it deep cleans your pores. Like most exfoliating products, the Luna promises cleaner, fresher, more radiant skin since cleanser is allowed to penetrate deeper. The cutesy pink vibrator pulsates to remove dead skin cells along with the dirt, oil, and makeup residue that a regular cleanser rubbed on by hand leaves behind. And since the tool itself is waterproof and made up of nonporous silicone “nubs,” the Luna offers a more hygienic alternative to the standard fiber brushes. With just two minutes of gentle rubbing in the morning and two minutes at night, you’ll be the one who’s skin they’re envious of!

However that’s not all! The anti-aging aspect of the Foreo Luna is on the smoother back of the device. When used against smile lines at the corner of your mouth, crows-feet at the corner of your eyes, and the deep frown line between your eyebrows, the gentle pulsations coax your facial muscles into relaxation and promote natural cell renewal. Within 2 weeks, skin should look and feels firmer, giving you a more youthful appearance and improving the absorption of your favorite skin care products.

Have sensitive skin? There’s nothing to fear if you quickly redden with some scrubbing. Foreo has a complete line including a stark white for ultra-sensitive skin, a petal pink for sensitive skin, and the baby blue for combination oily/dry skin. We chose the pink sensitive tool knowing that we have sensitive dry patches in this icy New York winter.

The Luna was a real pleasure to use, allowing us to quickly exfoliate and rub away makeup that we used to scrub off with a washcloth. The soft silicone body was wonderful to hold on to but made us a bit self-conscious to use in front of friends since it looked a bit like a toy that belonged bedside. We loved the skin-cleansing portion of the device since we saw a noticeable difference within just 10 days. However, the anti-aging pulsation massage did little but that, give a massage. We weren’t looking any younger nor did we notice any real change in our smile lines after 20 days.

We also noticed that the Luna was not the best shape for the face. While we loved the look and feel of the device, the scrubbing action came from a relatively flat and short surface. It wasn’t as simple as we’d like to scrub oily areas like the side of the nose or under the chin. Basically anything that has a curve to it will be harder to get to with this tool. For this reason, we were slightly disappointed.

At the steep price tag of $199, this tool is significantly more expensive one-time purchase than the much-talked-about Clarisonic at $125. However, the Luna is just that—a one-time purchase. Instead of adding the cost of new brush heads every three to four months, the Luna is easily cleaned with water after use and item itself could last forever! Plus every device boasts a 2-year limited warranty and a 10-year quality guarantee!

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