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Fresh Cut Herbs At The Ready: Click And Grow Herb Garden

Fresh cut herbs are a must have for any serious cook. Herbs and spices flavor food quickly and organically, without a whole lot of prep time. For this reason, we grab a bunch of cilantro or a clump of basil every time we’re at the fresh market. However, for busy Manhattanites, the truth of the matter is that by the time you grab for it a week later, those herbs are wilted and brown. And no good cook would use lackluster ingredients.

With the recent excitement over infused waters, we’ve found ourselves watching more and more bushels of herbs go limp on our kitchen counter. So we jumped at the opportunity to have fresh grown herbs on our kitchen counter with minimal work. The Kickstarter funded Click and Grown Smart Herb Garden is a must have for any inexperienced herb grower. With the company’s nan0-tech growth medium (ie. soil), these herbs are assumed to get the right amounts of water, oxygen and nutrients at all times! So there’s no more fear of over-watering your thyme.

Sensors and software built into the base of the growing base monitor soil conditions and make sure your plants are fresh, alive, and always at the ready. We just dropped in the included growing pods (thyme, lemon balm and basil) and filled the base up with water. With some power, we found that within two weeks, we already saw progress! Below are our growing notes:

Week One: Pod soil is damp. No movement yet :(

Week Two: Tiny green shoots appear in the surface of the soil for both thyme and basil.  Where are you lemon balm?

Week Three: Basil has three large leaves that look delectable. Lemon Balm is producing small leaves. Thyme has become an unwieldy mess of leaves and vines.

Week Four: Seemingly overnight, the basil plant grew 2 inches. We’ve clipped some and found it tasty. The thyme continues to be unruly and overflows the base.  We better use it soon! The lemon balm has produced a nice set of leaves and smells amazing!

We loved the appeal of home-grown herbs at our fingertips without the hassle of remembering to water them daily. But remember that these are live plants and should be monitored at a fair amount for bugs or the occasional visit from your inquisitive house cat.

The one downside of the growing conditions is that the pods be exposed to near constant light (provided by the attached light source, an arm with LEDs). Since we used this model close to our bedroom, we found the glaring light very difficult to sleep with so we installed a timer to turn on the lights from 9am to midnight daily. While we’re sure this slowed down growth somewhat, we slept through the night and our plants still thrived. Keep this in mind when finding a permanent home for your Click and Grow.

Available at just $99.95 online and in stores, we think this kit is a good idea, executed well. And should you want to experiment with new plants and herbs, replacement pods are available in the range of $6.95 to $9.95.

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