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Published on June 2nd, 2014 | by Celina


Get Pore-fect Makeup with simplehuman’s Sensor Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is fairest of them all? Well, if you’ve ever looked into a magnifying mirror in a hotel bathroom, you’re probably too busy staring at your pores to answer this question. And yes, your eyebrows are also in desperate need of some threading. If you’ve used one, you know that hotel vanity mirrors can make one terribly self-conscious or even a bit irate. But simplehuman is here to change your mind (whether in the kitchen, as in yesterday’s review, or in the bedroom or bathroom).

The right magnifying mirror can be a wonderful thing. They can be perfect for applying makeup, shaving or just about anything that benefits from intense magnification. And none is as thought out and painless to use as the simplehuman Stainless Steel Sensor Mirror. This freestanding mirror tilts to any position, illuminating your face perfectly whether you are standing or seated. The distortion-free mirror gives 5x magnification which is ideal for providing exceptional details while still allowing you to see your entire face in the mirror at once.

This mirror even knows when you want to use it. The awesome LEDs are triggered to start up automatically as your face approaches and they have the capacity to learn your behaviors, staying on for a longer period of time based on how long you are usually in front of the mirror. And unlike traditional bulbs or fluorescent lighting, simplehuman’s long-lasting LEDs won’t burn out or diminish even after many years of regular use. As a matter of fact, these LEDs outperform most competitors, illuminating like new after 40,000 hours of use!

At 600 lux, the tru-lux LED light system is more than twice as bright as most of the hotel mirrors you’ve used. And with some surgical influence, the LEDs are dispersed evenly around the outer edge of the mirror with a unique pattern of micro-reflectors throughout the ring. This allows for no light loss or hot spots. The system simulates natural sunlight, allowing you to see the full color spectrum, so you’ll know when your makeup is flawless. And these long lasting LEDs were specifically designed to illuminate best for daytime use so you won’t walk out of the house looking like you’re ready to join the circus.

And it’s cordless! With either a USB port or outlet, this mirror charges for cordless use up to 5 weeks. Since it has no cords, it won’t be a nuisance on your bathroom countertop and can even be mounted on the wall for the ultimate accessibility. Made from brushed steel, simplehuman’s design is effortlessly timeless and easy to clean with the included cleaning cloth.

Available online and in stores for under $200.

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