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Published on June 18th, 2014 | by Greg


Oral-B Precision Black 7000: A Feature-Packed Toothbrush

Many people are perfectly satisfied with their $5 toothbrush from the drugstore or their dentist. This particular article isn’t for you- it’s for the folks who marvel at the strip that wears away to indicate when you should replace your brush, for executives who would pick their model based on color and style and interesting features. Pretty much everything can be a gadget these days, and that includes formerly-humble dental hygiene equipment. After all, if your razor can have six blades, your toothbrush should probably have six modes.

In which case you want the top-end, latest-and-greatest Oral-B Precision Black 7000 Electric Toothrbrush With SmartGuide. In many ways, it’s a facelift on what is already a pretty mature product category- it adds a few cute new twists and changes the color of the system to a svelte black but doesn’t revolutionize the way you’ll end your nightly routine or start your morning. Like most decent models, it comes with a timer to help ensure you brush for long enough, and a quadrant system that helps make sure you do so evenly across your entire mouth. Unlike the last one we saw, it doesn’t use ultrasonic technology, merely ‘sonic’, but this one doesn’t require expensive, special toothpaste and we found the results to be similar (and the Oral-B model made our mouths ‘feel’ cleaner). The sonic technology has improved greatly over the years, and the Precision Black 7000 has heads that move in three directions (pulsing, oscillating and rotating as well), which means you’ll reach areas that you probably won’t with manual brushing.

Battery life is decent, with a full ten-day use between charges. The only downside we saw to this model is that, unlike many competitors and even earlier versions from Oral-B, the “travel” kit doesn’t appear to work outside of the United States or other areas with 110V power. Most others work with 220V electricity as well, which is handy when you intend to go abroad. The case, though, is really nice and feels solid and the charging stand/base is the best we’ve seen yet. Three different heads are included in the package- one meant for brightening your smile called “ProWhite”, 1 for sensitive teeth and a spare ‘Floss Action’ brush too as well as the one that comes installed. And if you’re using an older or less-expensive toothbrush, one great reason to upgrade is the recent addition of a pressure sensor that helps to keep you from overdoing it, protecting your gums. Older heads and alternate ones work too, which sound kind of like fun wrestling moves with names including Deep Sweep, Precision Clean, Dual Clean, Power Tip, and Ortho.

The Oral-B Precision Black 7000 is the perfect toothbrush for the guy with everything, a sleek and high-performance tool that’s pretty irresistible. The addition of a tongue cleaner mode is unusual and even fun, adding to the existing modes- Deep Clean, Daily Clean, Massage Mode, Sensitive, and Whitening. It’s certainly spendy though, the most expensive of their lineup- expect to shell out around $160, in stores and online.

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