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Published on December 21st, 2014 | by Celina


Transform Your Home For The Holidays With Matouk

The holidays usually mean one thing in our TrulyNet family: house guests. Armed with the official guest list, you pop off to the grocery store and pull the pots and pans from their year-round hiding places. You haggle with the Canadian lumberjacks on your corner for a fair garland price and prepare to deck your exceptionally narrow hall. And with a good cleaning and de-cluttering, your spare bedroom (or couch) is ready for visitors. The accommodations will be meager and your cat might wake everyone at five in the morning. So why not try to compensate for some of your short-falls with some luxury linens? With a small investment, your home can be as inviting to visitors as the finest room at the Plaza.

Matouk Linens cuts no corners with their fine Egyptian cotton terry towels. Last year we reviewed their  colorful Milagro Collection and were mightily impressed by how sturdy and plush the towels remained. This year we were excited to try out their signature towel, the Cairo.  Accented with a narrow ribbon piping in an array of color options, the pairings of white with sleek Silver to elegant Hydrangea to a subtle Linen left us ready to revamp our entire linen closet. In a luscious 625 gram weight, these sumptuous towels exude luxury even as they are subjected to wash after wash. We were able to launder ours for a full month with no loss in texture or appearance despite an early run in with some deep red lipstick. These towels were the ideal weight for a home, balancing softness and absorbency at a cost effective price. Bath Towels (30 X 52) are $54.00 while Hand Towels (18 X 32) are $29.00.

Also available are a plethora of other linen items, including the elegant Terry robe. Made of the same rich terry as the Egyptian cotton towels, this robe is a must-have for any homebody. With the option to embroider the chest with thick monogrammed letters, it’s a wonderfully practical gift.

Matouk’s surprising partnership with designer Lulu de Kwiatkowsk boasts an exceptional variety of bed linens, perfect for the most picky of wife or mother. The bold patterns are beautifully nautical, inspired by Lulu’s own life spent vacationing in the Bahamas and Hamptons.

We loved our Matouk towels and can’t wait until we can impress our holiday guests with them. Despite repeated washes, they are soft to the touch, hold water exceptionally well and look wonderful hanging in almost any bathroom. Available online now.

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