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An­tho­ny For Men: Body, Hair And Skin Care For Guys

Wom­en al­ways end up oc­cu­py­ing more space in the bath­room, and cer­tain­ly there are far more cos­met­ic prod­ucts out there to help the fe­male of the species. But it’s not that guys couldn’t use some help as well- our skin dries out and needs mois­ture, our hair gets dry or dam­aged, and there are cer­tain­ly oc­ca­sion­al out­breaks of oili­ness that could use a bit of treat­ment. If you’re a guy who cares about your per­son­al ap­pear­ance, but haven’t yet up­grad­ed from Di­al soap and drug­store sham­poos, then you’re in for a pleas­ant sur­prise. We’ve got a brand that is aimed specif­i­cal­ly at men- classy pack­ag­ing, crisp scents, and a broad line that ad­dress­es spe­cif­ic is­sues that most males face.

An­tho­ny for Men prod­ucts come in a few ba­sic lines. Based in New York City, they of­fer Ac­tion and Shave­works, as well as Lo­gis­tics for Men. We tried out three of their items over the past month or so, test­ing out how well worked in the fair­ly harsh city en­vi­ron­ment. Ur­ban dwellers should find so­lace in them, whether they find them in their stock­ing or keep them stocked in their bath­room cab­i­nets.

We’ll start with a mois­tur­iz­er. Af­ter all, ac­cord­ing to no less an icon than Zo­olan­der, “wet­ness is the essence of beau­ty”. The An­tho­ny for Men Ac­tion High Per­for­mance Mois­tur­iz­er is a so­phis­ti­cat­ed blend of in­gre­di­ents, fea­tur­ing shea but­ter, apri­cot ker­nel oil, squa­lene and licorice, as well as vi­ta­min A, an an­tiox­i­dant. The for­mu­la smooths and soft­ens, re­duc­ing fine lines and wrin­kles, with­out leav­ing residue. We found it a great part of a quick rou­tine in the morn­ing and evening, easy to add and go to work or to bed. Skin looked bet­ter, clean­er, and bet­ter both im­me­di­ate­ly as well as over a cou­ple of weeks of reg­u­lar use, though as with all mois­tur­iz­ers, your mileage may vary and prices def­i­nite­ly do. $40, avail­able on­line and in fine re­tail­ers, as with the rest of their line.

Just about any man can use a new body wash, and it’s even bet­ter when it works great on hair as well. This two-in-one is per­fect for a leav­ing at your girl­friend’s or part­ner’s, to take to the gym for the lock­er, or for small apart­ments where you don’t nec­es­sar­i­ly want a clut­ter of bot­tles and bars. The In­vig­o­rat­ing Rush Hair and Body Washwas our fa­vorite of this trio of items, and has quick­ly be­come a ne­ces­si­ty- the best new scent­ed body soap that we’ve tried in quite a while. Eu­ca­lyp­tus, bal­sam fir, and birch made a re­fresh­ing com­bi­na­tion that perked us up in the morn­ing, with a very woodsy alpine smell that made us want to ski or snow­board or at the very least climb a tree. There’s some av­o­ca­do for mois­tur­iz­ing, and vi­ta­min B5 for re­pair­ing hair and heal­ing skin. If you need a body wash or sham­poo for your man or your­self, this is an ex­cel­lent choice. $22.

Fi­nal­ly, the In­stant Fix Oil Con­trol is ex­act­ly what it sounds like. We were skep­ti­cal at first- it’s a pret­ty spe­cif­ic and broad claim- but this is a prod­uct that lives up to it’s name. For the oc­ca­sion­al break out, or just for reg­u­lar use on oily skin, this is a quick-fix to help those pores. And even if you’ve nev­er used an­oth­er skin care prod­uct, this one is handy- whether it’s for that big meet­ing or date, you can show off a face that looks clean in­stead of greasy. $28.

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