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Published on October 29th, 2012 | by Greg


Haier’s Portable Wash­ing Ma­chine: Small, Ef­fi­cient

We’re not tak­ing out clothes to the laun­dro­mat to­day or to­mor­row. Dirty laun­dry piles up fast though, and while we still have run­ning wa­ter, we’ve ac­tu­al­ly been rush­ing through a few loads. As with most New York of­fices and apart­ments, we don’t have a lot of space, so we’re al­ways in­ter­est­ed in ways to save room. Al­so, in­stalling spe­cial elec­tri­cal hookups isn’t an op­tion for most peo­ple, nor ex­tra pip­ing for wa­ter.

That’s why we’ve been test­ing out the Haier Pul­sator 1 cu­bic foot portable wash­er (mod­el HLP21N). It’s cute, rea­son­ably tiny at just about 3 foot x 2 x 2, and isn’t ul­tra lightweight but liftable or rol­lable on the built-in wheels by most peo­ple, at about 40 pounds. Set­up is easy- there’s a quick con­nect ca­ble and adapter for the wa­ter hose that you just at­tach to any sink (sim­i­lar to the re­cent­ly-re­viewed counter-top dish­wash­er).

Con­trols are al­so pret­ty sim­ple- you can choose from low, medi­um, or high wa­ter lev­els and heavy, nor­mal, or quick wash cy­cles. There’s a pause but­ton as well, should you need to add or re­move an item. The com­pa­ny claims that you can add up to six pounds of cloth­ing, and that’s prob­a­bly true- we end­ed up do­ing pri­mar­i­ly loads that would count as small for most any oth­er ma­chine. De­spite the lack of an ag­i­ta­tor which frees up some in­ter­nal space, you’ll still prob­a­bly on­ly fit two com­plete sets of cloth­ing, or a set of three tow­els. This should be enough for most apart­ment dwellers or those look­ing for a con­ve­nient way to wash their stuff in an RV or mo­bile home.

We were im­pressed at the qual­i­ty of the re­sults though, in a few ways. For starters, com­pared with many oth­er laun­dry ma­chines, this one is sur­pris­ing­ly qui­et. There might not be a lot of fan­cy set­tings or fea­tures, but it gets the job done re­mark­ably well. Cloth­ing came out bright and clean, well-scrubbed, and even rea­son­ably dry thanks to a strong spin cy­cle. Some tips: don’t over­fill, and use bags to pro­tect more del­i­cate cloth­ing. We wish there was a slight­ly bet­ter sys­tem for adding fab­ric soft­en­er, or to set the Haier to a long spin-cy­cle on­ly, but it’s a sol­id bar­gain on a nifty, com­pact wash­ing ma­chine. Avail­able on­line and in stores for around $250.

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