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Published on April 18th, 2011 | by Ruth


Hammacher Schlemmer’s Beautiful Litter Box

Where to put a cat lit­ter box has al­ways been a bit of a quandary for us. No mat­ter how you slice it, they are sim­ply not at­trac­tive. Our of­fice cats are al­so a bit finicky about con­di­tions. They want an open­ing that is eas­i­ly ac­ces­si­ble, and vo­cal­ly de­mand dai­ly clean­ing, mak­ing a hid­den away cor­ner un­ten­able. We were thrilled, then, to try out the Cat­box Con­ceal­ing Cab­i­net from Ham­mach­er Schlem­mer. This ma­hogany ve­neer cab­i­net looks like a nice side table, or an en­ter­tain­ment cen­ter (Though our cats would prob­a­bly balk at too much noise di­rect­ly above them.). It looks so nice, in fact, that a few vis­i­tors have been star­tled to see a cat emerg­ing out of a hole in the side. The wood fin­ish is love­ly and smooth, and the front doors open to make lit­ter box cleans­ing sim­ple. It even comes with a stor­age draw­er for sup­plies.

A while back we tried out a lit­ter box at the op­po­site end of the spec­trum.The lit­ter­box robot looked like some­thing from an 80s movie about the fu­ture, while our cat­box cab­i­net looks like some­thing out of a pe­ri­od film set in the british coun­try­side. As much as we like robots, we have to say the wood fin­ish is a bit more at­trac­tive day-to-day. All good things have a price, and this one is fair­ly hefty, at al­most $300. It al­so re­quires a bit of a time in­vest­ment- not too much more than set­ting up IKEA fur­ni­ture (about 1/2 hour), but a few more tools.

The on­ly ma­jor com­plaint (from both us and our fe­line testers) is the smell. The prod­uct web­site men­tions that the cup­board “con­tains odors and the strewn gran­ules that some­times sur­round a box.” This is ab­so­lute­ly cor­rect, and fan­tas­tic when it comes to the nasty grit­ty lit­ter bits that we’ve bat­tled in the past. (Find­ing lit­ter bits on the bot­tom of socks is so icky.) How­ev­er, the smell doesn’t just go away- open­ing the doors to clean out the lit­ter box in­side, the smell hits in an al­most phys­i­cal wave. We’re con­tem­plat­ing try­ing out some in­te­ri­or air fresh­en­ers, or the like. In the mean­while, how­ev­er, we’re hap­py that at least the smell is thor­ough­ly con­tained. If you’re plan­ning on pur­chas­ing the cab­i­net, keep in mind that you’ll need to pro­vide the lit­ter box pan- this is just the at­trac­tive cam­ou­flag­ing hous­ing for it.

We al­so tried out Ham­mach­er Schlem­mer’s Dog Es­cape Pre­ven­ter.Though we are lack­ing in of­fice dogs (the cats hold a strict pol­i­cy on this top­ic), the res­i­dent cats are prac­ticed es­cape artists. The re­tractable vinyl screen mounts to a door frame, then has an ad­di­tion­al latch to put on the edge of the door. It’s ba­si­cal­ly like one of the 70s roll-up win­dow shades, turned side­ways. We were mixed in our feel­ings about it. It does lessen es­capes caused by un­wit­ting vis­i­tors open­ing the door for a bit too long, but it al­so adds an­oth­er step to get­ting in and out the door (un­less you have very long legs and can keep step­ping over some­thing tall enough to block a gold­en re­triev­er). At $70, we don’t think it’s quite worth it- but ap­par­ent­ly oth­ers did, be­cause it is now list­ed as out of stock, and rep­re­sen­ta­tives let us know that it will not be re-stocked.

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