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Published on August 21st, 2011 | by Greg


Brighten Up Your Morning With Stem Time Command

First off, no, it doesn’t ac­tu­al­ly let you con­trol time. Nor does to­day’s prod­uct have any­thing to do with flow­ers. In­stead, we’ve been wak­ing up to one of the lat­est and most in­ter­est­ing dock-clock com­bos, one with some fea­tures that make it an ap­peal­ing pur­chase for many peo­ple. Most docks can play mu­sic and charge your de­vice, many of them fea­ture a clock and alarm func­tion­al­i­ty, but few are so tight­ly in­te­grat­ed.

The Stem Time Com­mand iPod clock dock of­fers an al­ter­na­tive to most oth­er au­dio-ca­pa­ble docks, fo­cus­ing in­stead on the alarm func­tion­al­i­ty. One of the most frus­trat­ing things about alarms is that most docks can’t uti­lize the ones that you’ve set on your iPhone. This one is dif­fer­ent, trans­fer­ring your set­tings both from clock-to-app and from app-to-clock, and set­ting the time cor­rect­ly as well for one less thing you need to wor­ry about. Did you park your car and set an alarm for mov­ing your car from the dread­ed street clean­ers? Sim­ply dock and for­get. And the clock here isn’t bad, with some nifty op­tions like dimmable bright­ness and a nice size snooze but­ton.

Un­like some oth­ers, this one can take an iPad or iPad 2 as well, and you’ll want to uti­lize the free uni­ver­sal app. If you don’t have an iOS de­vice, you can pass this alarm up- it can still func­tion just fine, but the neat­est fea­tures are re­served for those with­in the Ap­ple ecosys­tem. While many docks of­fer ad­di­tion­al au­dio in­puts, that isn’t the case here- it’s strict­ly the dock­ing port. Al­so, this isn’t a trav­el mod­el- you can pop in 2 AAs, but they sim­ply serve as a back­up in case the pow­er goes out, thus pre­serv­ing your alarms. We loved how easy the whole pack­age was to use- smart prompts, and a nice GUI in the app make set­tings alarms al­most a plea­sure. And one nifty fea­ture that we tried out was the Wake-by-Light out­let at­tached, which serves as a con­trolled passthrough for a be­side lamp. Ba­si­cal­ly, the alarm can al­so turn on your lamp to help wake you up (or even fall asleep)- it works pret­ty well, though we wish we could have a bit more con­trol over the bright­ness and dim­ming rates.

Fi­nal­ly, au­dio does not get short shrift here. We’ve seen all sorts of docks, in­clud­ing those that bizarrely add a kitchen scale. But while we wouldn’t use it as a pri­ma­ry mu­sic source- it doesn’t have quite enough punch for a par­ty for in­stance- the clar­i­ty and sep­a­ra­tion was im­pres­sive for a night­stand unit. Bass won’t im­press, but the mids and tre­bles are clear and mel­low, not hol­low. And a nice touch was the in­clud­ed equal­iz­er, with some dif­fer­ent modes for var­i­ous types of mu­sic, some­thing miss­ing in many docks. Even the dock­ing con­nec­tor it­self is smart, with a nice spring-load­ed touch that ac­com­mo­dates de­vices even in their cas­es. The Stem Time Com­mand isn’t small, but feels sol­id and durable, and the mat­te plas­tic doesn’t pick up fin­ger­prints. In short, count us in- we just wish it could fit two phones, and maybe co-or­di­nate with some of the wake as­sis­tants, like the Wake­Mate or aXbo that of­fer flex­i­ble alarms. At $100, and avail­able on­ly from Ap­ple stores at press time, it’s a good deal and the best alarm dock yet.

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