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Published on December 16th, 2011 | by Ruth


Gift Guide: Stay Warm, Stylishly Comfortable, And Environmentally Conscious

Check­ing your hol­i­day list, but find­ing your­self stumped for a few names? If you’re not sure enough of their size for sweaters, feel jew­el­ry would be in­ap­pro­pri­ate and aren’t sure what elec­tron­ics they have, we sug­gest you buy some­thing for their nest. At worst, they’ll be able to regift it (we hope we’re the re­cip­i­ents). At best, they’ll think of you with a smile ev­ery time they use it at home. We found gifts at three dif­fer­ent prices points- $25, $50 and (a splurge) $410.

We love curl­ing up on the couch in a blan­ket. As win­ter sets in, the idea grows more and more ap­peal­ing. When it’s re­al­ly cold, we wish that we could turn the space heater in­to a blan­ket and wrap that around us in­stead. With the heat­ed blan­kets from Sun­beam, we were able to do pre­cise­ly that. The mi­croplush throw is uber soft and cozy. The di­men­sions- about 4′ x 5′- make it big enough for a cou­ple peo­ple to share, and small enough to curl up in it alone with­out feel­ing like it’s eat­ing you. It’s ma­chine wash­able and dry­er safe, so if, say, a cat has a fur­ball on it, there’s no need to de­spair. Avail­able for about $50 on Ama­zon, we think this is a great gift for any­one prone to cold­ness in your life. We’re not sure how we end­ed up try­ing out one in leop­ard, but we’ve heard that it’s com­ing back. Right? If an­i­mal print isn’t your thing, the blan­ket is avail­able in many oth­er col­ors.

For the en­vi­ron­men­tal­ly aware per­son on your list, we rec­om­mend the Belkin en­er­gy con­ser­va­tion prod­ucts that we dis­cussed ear­li­er this year. For un­der $25 you can get ei­ther the en­er­gy mon­i­tor or an en­er­gy-con­serv­ing serge pro­tec­tor/out­let split­ter. Good for the en­vi­ron­ment and for your pock­et­book. If you are a pas­sive-agres­sive pre­sent buy­er, first let us say we’re glad we don’t know you. Sec­ond, we would like to point out, you’re in the per­fect po­si­tion to get these for ev­ery­one in your life who is less aware of their car­bon foot­print.

If you’re in the mood to splurge on some­one, much of the fur­ni­ture from De­sign With­in Reach usu­al­ly oc­cu­pies our wish­list. Re­cent­ly we’ve been drool­ing over the Louis Ghost Arm­chair. Right away the idea of a ghost chair hits the hill­side ro­man­tic is us. The in­jec­tion-mold­ed poly­car­bon­ate is avail­able in ei­ther translu­cent or opaque black, and is su­per sol­id. It is tout­ed as good for in­doors or out­doors, but we know that if we had this love­ly, it would stay in­doors. If you and some­one else both get the same gift, no need for em­bar­rass­ment- they stack. At $410 we’ll ad­mit that it’s a bit rich for our gift-giv­ing blood, but that doesn’t seem to stop the drool.

Up­on con­sid­er­a­tion, please feel free to be add our staff to your hol­i­day gift list. Each of these very dif­fer­ent prod­ucts would fit right in­to our homes. For $25, you can make an en­vi­ron­men­tal­ist quite proud. For $50, you can warm some­one up right away with a cozy throw. If you re­al­ly want to make a big im­pres­sion, try the Louis Ghost Arm­chair- it will leave more than a ghost of an im­pact.

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