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Published on January 3rd, 2011 | by Ruth


Miele S 7210: Solid Vacuum, With A Twist

As the new year ap­proach­es, we’re feel­ing the urge to clean out ev­ery­thing (re­la­tion­ships, clos­ets, bank ac­counts…). We’re al­so re­solv­ing to clean our habi­ta­tions more of­ten, and thor­ough­ly. Af­ter notic­ing how quick­ly cat hair builds in­to an unattrac­tive area rug, we pulled out the Miele S 7210 Twist and took it for a spin.

Be­sides be­ing a cute play on var­i­ous dance forms (Miele al­so has mod­els called the “tan­go,” the “swing,” and the “sal­sa”), the “Twist” de­scribes the ma­neu­ver­abil­i­ty of this vac­u­um. An in­no­va­tive, patent­ed “swivel­neck” al­lows you to steer the ma­chine in all di­rec­tions, at all an­gles. We were able to vac­u­um around table legs, and even un­der a bed, with­out need­ing to pull out the at­tach­ment. The front wheels have 360 de­gree ro­ta­tion, mak­ing it eas­i­er to zag around odd-shaped rooms. We tapped a foot switch, and the floor head cas­ing dis­en­gaged and the rear wheels re­tract­ed in­to the vac­u­um body, fur­ther smooth­ing move­ments. Re­mind any­one else of play­ing with Trans­form­ers?

One of the rea­sons we of­ten put off vac­u­um­ing is the hor­ri­ble noise that ac­com­pa­nies the chore. Lis­ten­ing to mu­sic be­comes im­pos­si­ble, and hear­ing your­self think im­prob­a­ble. Though not nin­ja-silent, the Miele Twist cre­ates less rum­ble than the vac­u­ums we grew up with, even with the 1200-watt mo­tor. This vac­u­um is heavy enough that you’re not go­ing to want to cart it around, but the weight bal­ance makes it easy to wield. We were al­so im­pressed by the 39-foot cord- find­ing a free pow­er out­let in the right place was not a prob­lem.

We usu­al­ly hate chang­ing vac­u­um bags- the poof of dust and al­ler­gins of­ten sparks a cough­ing fit. Miele tack­les this prob­lem with nine-lay­er elec­tro­stat­i­cal­ly charged bag, in an air­tight vac­u­um cham­ber. It did work, but we’re not crazy about need­ing to buy re­place­ment bags, around $20 a pop. We tried out an­oth­er up­right vac­u­um re­cent­ly, the LG Kom­pres­sor, that uti­lized a can­is­ter in­stead, while still be­ing al­ler­gy-friend­ly.

The bot­tom line, we found the Miele S 7210 a sol­id, re­li­able vac­u­um. It felt like it would last a long time. It doesn’t have the fu­tur­is­tic as­pects of some of the oth­er vac­u­ums we’ve re­viewed, but is an im­prove­ment on the vac­u­ums we grew up with. You can in­vest in one from Ama­zon for around $430.

Now to get an ear­ly start on those res­o­lu­tions and vac­u­um be­hind the couch…

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