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Published on December 28th, 2011 | by Ruth


Waking Up With Verilux Rise And Shine Natural Wake-Up Clock

Wak­ing up in the morn­ing can be tough, es­pe­cial­ly when it’s drab and dark out­side, and bed is warm and cozy. I’ve been known at var­i­ous points in my life to turn off alarm clocks in my sleep, at­tempt to snooze hu­mans, and at­tempt to bar­gain for more time, claim­ing that I solved the prob­lem of the space-time con­tin­u­um. Clear­ly, I need a bet­ter so­lu­tion than the av­er­age alarm clock. I was ex­cit­ed by the idea of the Ver­ilux Rise and Shine Nat­u­ral Wake-up Clock, a clock that claims to align the body’s nat­u­ral cir­ca­di­an rhythms so that you make up more grad­u­al­ly and nat­u­ral­ly.

About 15 min­utes be­fore you set the alarm for, the clock/light be­gins grow­ing brighter, while adding sound. The sounds (all four op­tions) make me want to stab things (you can lis­ten to sound sam­ples on the web­site to see how you feel). The na­ture sounds, alone, aren’t so bad, but the new-age spa mu­sic caus­es vi­o­lent urges. Thank­ful­ly for me and those who need to be around me in my dai­ly first wak­ing hours, there is an op­tion to turn off the sound, so that you are on­ly brought to wak­ing by the grad­u­al­ly in­creas­ing light. Though that means you can’t squeeze out max­i­mal sleep to the last minute, it does make a dif­fer­ence in feel­ing less grog­gy.

I en­joy that the alarm clock can al­so func­tion as a bed-side lamp, al­bi­et one that looks like a gaz­ing ball from the Star Trek En­ter­prise. While aes­thet­i­cal­ly it won’t be a cen­ter­piece for many bed­room dec­o­ra­tive schemes, it’s clean and mod­ern. With this clean mod­ern look, it’s rather com­pli­cat­ed to pro­gram. For­tu­nate­ly, it has two alarm pre-sets that it will re­mem­ber and you can switch be­tween, so you don’t have to mon­key around with set­tings ev­ery night. As some­one with a con­stant­ly chang­ing sched­ule, though, I still find my­self need­ing to re­set an alarm of­ten. Ba­si­cal­ly, if you are gad­get-pho­bic, don’t both­er. Oth­er­wise, you’ll be able to mud­dle through with some help from the man­u­al.

The Ver­ilux al­so has set­tings to help you drift off to sleep by grad­u­al­ly de­creas­ing the light, sim­u­lat­ing sun­set. It turns out, if you’ve slept well, it it’s much eas­i­er to get up in the morn­ing. I have to be care­ful not to start it go­ing too soon, plan­ning to read for a while, be­cause it does grow too dark to read fair­ly quick­ly. Still, so nice to be able to drift off, and much health­i­er than hit­ting one­self over the head with a brick.

The shiny wake-up box lists on Ama­zon for about $99. We still think that it’s is a great idea, but are less thrilled about a few of the points of ex­e­cu­tion. We’d keep us­ing it, but hope that they’ll pro­vide op­tions for less hip­py-spa mu­sic in the fu­ture. It’s al­so not rec­om­mend­ed for peo­ple over­whelmed by the con­cept of pro­gram­ming a mi­crowave. Still, it does wake us up feel­ing more re­freshed- so for $99, for the right peo­ple, it’s worth it.

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