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Published on January 21st, 2012 | by Greg


Shave in 3D: Philips Norelco SensoTouch 1290x

Shav­ing might not be fun. But it should be pain­less, easy, and has­sle-free. Re­gard­less of your type of hair, the shape of your face, or your skin, a good ra­zor can help make your groom­ing sim­ple. Whether you’re on the road, or liv­ing in a small apart­ment with­out much room, Philips Norel­co of­fers a pret­ty broad range of so­lu­tions- elec­tric ra­zors for ev­ery bud­get.

Their top of the line mod­el is the Philips Norel­co Sen­so­Touch 3D Deluxe Edi­tion (Mod­el 1290x). They de­scribe it as the ul­ti­mate shav­ing ex­pe­ri­ence, and so we had high ex­pec­ta­tions- and are hap­py to re­port that the tout­ed Gy­roFleX sys­tem ac­tu­al­ly works as well as hoped, mov­ing smooth­ly across un­even skin, with­out ir­ri­ta­tion. Most of the time, you need a few days or even more than a week to get used a new ra­zor, but we didn’t re­quire it with the Sen­so­Touch 3D. Fur­ther, though we’re used to shav­ing wet, this is one of the first ra­zors we’ve tried that works equal­ly well dry.

In­stead of cram­ming a bunch of ex­tra stuff in­to a larg­er unit- au­to-clean­ing cham­bers and a bulky base- this one is lean, slim, and light. Ul­tra­portable, it al­so feels great in the hand- well bal­anced and ob­vi­ous­ly a pre­ci­sion. The grip is great, im­por­tant since you don’t want to drop your ex­pen­sive ra­zor in the show­er, bath­room, or any­where else. As with ev­ery ra­zor, Philips touts a bunch of tech­nol­o­gy, much of it cus­tom- tracks and chan­nels and AquaTec. The bot­tom line, though, is that the du­al-blade sys­tem sim­ply works well, and was faster and much more com­fort­able than any straight man­u­al ra­zor. We liked the clean looks, though missed the car­bon fiber from the Arcitec line. And speak­ing of clean­ing, it was pret­ty straight­for­ward.

Right now, you can ex­pect to spend about $230 for one of these love­ly pieces of en­gi­neer­ing. That seemed a bit pricey to us when it was in the box, but once we had a chance to com­pare it against the com­pe­ti­tion for a few weeks, the choice was clear. The bat­tery life is im­pres­sive- it’s a small unit, but an hour of charge time gives you an hour of sol­id shav­ing, which is enough for twen­ty or so days. And you’ll nev­er be at a loss for how much bat­tery life is left, the built-in dis­play is easy to read and seemed ac­cu­rate. The trim­mer wasn’t amaz­ing- they rarely are- but was good enough for some side­burn and goa­tee trim work. All in all, this is the gold stan­dard of elec­tric ra­zors, and is avail­able now wide­ly on­line and in stores.

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